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Power Slider Case Doubles iPhone Battery Life

Incase has revealed a new version of their Slider Case for the 3G iPhone, the Incase Power Slider Case. It features a built in battery pack that will double the battery life of your 3G iPhone.

The Power Slider’s 1330mAh lithium-ion polymer battery more than doubles the phone’s power capacity. Using a USB pass-through connection, you can leave the Power Slider connected to the phone at all times while still having access to the iPhone’s ports. The pack features a five-LED charge indicator, for quick assessment of remaining power.

This new case will give you an additional 26 hours of audio playback, 5 hours of talk time on 3G, 10 on 2G and up to 7 extra hours of video playback.


* Integrated rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery more than doubles the battery life of iPhone 3G

* Optimized power management system provides continuous charge to iPhone 3G internal battery

* 5 light LED battery status indicator

* Charge and sync without removing iPhone 3G from case using the custom USB cable provided

* Advanced lithium-ion polymer battery cell technology prevents overcharging and short circuiting and provides protection from extreme temperature

* Durable, lightweight hardshell construction with soft-touch coating

* Compatible with USB charging ports that provide 5V at 1A output

* “Works with iPhone” certified by Apple

The Incase Power Slider case will go on sale on the 28th of November for $99.95.


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