EIC (everythingicafe iPhone forums) Fans – Update Your Bookmarks

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Effective today, all links to everythingiPhone.com will not be forwarded to our new home here at everythingiCafe. Please update your bookmarks and/or links to reflect the change. As some of you might remember, we announced a rebranding from everythingiPhone.com to everythingiCafe.com last November …

We told you about the need to update your bookmarks for the MMi iPhone forums earlier this week. If you’re a fan of EIC – the ‘everythingicafe’ iPhone forums (and news, and social) site – you need to make sure all your bookmarks for the site point to the current and correct address, since as of yesterday, the old address no longer redirects.

So your bookmarks need to point at http://www.everythingicafe.com – not everythingiphone.com.

If you’re not a fan of EIC yet, why not? :) They are my favorite iPhone forums site, and they are also kind advertising sponsors of this site! It’s a great site for iPhone tips, getting your iPhone questions answered, and just good conversations on all sorts of topics (iPhone and off topic). I visit every day and spend a lot of time there. Hope to see you there …

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