NFL Games Live on iPhone This Year, If You’re a DirecTV Subscriber With Lots of Cash

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When I spotted a headline at Mac Daily News this morning mentioning NFL games live on the iPhone I thought ‘Oh yeah’.  Then I read the details over at Silicon Alley Insider, and that feeling vanished real quick – because here’s how it’ll work if you want some live streamed gridiron action:

First, you’ll need to be a DirecTV satellite TV subscriber. Then you’ll need the $280 NFL Sunday Ticket subscription. And on top of that, you’ll need a $100 Sunday Ticket "SuperFan" subscription. But if you’re already leaning that way, then the iPhone app will be a great addition to your Sunday rituals.

If you’re already have a DirecTV subscription and have the NFL Sunday Ticket, I imagine this is pretty good news – but if you’re like me and you have neither, it just makes me happy that Major League Baseball offers a $9.99 option.  I like following the NFL, but not enough to shell out those amounts – I’ll catch what NBC, CBS and the cable networks offer me.

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