Quick Look: Google Mobile’s New Voice Search Feature

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The popular Google Mobile iPhone app now does voice search

I’d seen a post a few days back talking about this new feature in Google Mobile, and finally got round to installing the update and giving it a try last night (and this morning). I love the idea of this feature – press to speak, or even simpler, just hold the phone to your ear and speak, and get back your search results.

So far, I get pretty good results with the voice search. It was 100% on recognizing the phone-to-ear gesture – and always invoked the voice search just as it’s supposed to. It has also done well on accuracy / getting the search terms right most of the time. My daughter and I gave it a good once-over during this morning and it got most things right first time, from ‘black bear’ and ‘elephant’ sort of queries, to ‘tony romo’ and several other athlete / celeb names.

One thing that either I’m not doing right (haven’t found the way to set maybe) or that could do with some improvement is how it handles prioritizing its search items from the different ‘Searchable Items’ categories. For instance, I did multiple searches for the names of people in my Contacts list. It had a much harder time recognizing these (pretty sure that was my bad on not speaking clearly enough), but once it did get the search term right, it invariably showed me web results, rather than first (or ever) showing me results from my Contacts.

So … if I’m not just overlooking a setting somewhere, I think there needs to be an option to say ‘Always show results from Contacts First’ or similar, or better still to set the order in which it uses and displays results from each of its categories.

Despite that one complaint, I like the Google Mobile voice search feature a lot, and so does my daughter!

There are some good tips for general usage of the Google Mobile app, and for the voice search function, from a Google team member, HERE.

Google Mobile is in the App Store now and is a free app …

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