Refurb 8GB iPhone 3G for $99 from AT&T (with 2 year contract)

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So it looks like there is a $99 iPhone 3G after all …

courtesy of AT&T.  They are currently offering some pretty sweet deals on 8GB and 16GB refurb models (with a two year contract). 

The 8GBers are being offered for $99, and the 16GB model for $199.

My first iPhone was a 4GB refurb model (from Apple, not AT&T) of the first generation (2G), and I’ve never had a major issue (touch wood) with it, and liked the fact that it was covered by the same one year warranty as a new phone would be.  Hopefully that is true of these AT&T refurbs as well.

See AT&T’s page HERE for all the details on these deals, and to get yourself a deal if you’re in the market.

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