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Analyst Expects $700 iPhone-like iTablet in 2010

iPhone Analyst vs. Magic 8 Ball

Perennial Apple guestimator, Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, is back in the headlines (see above) with his prognostications about an Apple iTablet, which he sees hitting market in 2010 at a price point between $500 and $700 (i.e. between the top level iPod touch and bottom level MacBook).

Apple Insider sums up the specs, which are likewise ranged: screen between 7 and 10 inches, OS between iPhone and Mac. In one interesting aside, Munster wonders if Apple would allow both a higher screen resolution into the App Store to leverage more pixels, but also let several iPhone 320×480 apps run on screen at the same time (like Mac apps do in their windowing environment). Wireless carrier subsidies, like the iPhone enjoys from AT&T are also speculated.

Our favorite line?

“In other words, we expect the end result of the expected product to be launched later but with more dramatic differentiation than the Street is expecting.”

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Analyst Expects $700 iPhone-like iTablet in 2010

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