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Saving an iPhone Screenshot as a Photo

Do you want to save a screenshot from your iPhone for use as wallpaper or perhaps to mail to a friend to brag about how many cool apps you have?  I recently learned of a cool trick to do just that.  Simply hold down the Home button and then press and release the Sleep button.

iPhone Screenshot

If your sound is on you’ll hear a click once the screenshot is saved.  The screen will also flash on and off for a brief second.  Your screenshot is now saved in the Photos app where you can email it to a friend, use it as wallpaper, transfer it to your Mac, etc.

Note: do not hold down the Sleep button for a prolonged time.  Simply press and release it once while holding down the Home button.  If you also hold down the Sleep button the iPhone will think that you want to do a soft-reset.  Click here for an explanation of the iPhone Soft Reset Tip.

We would love to hear of any other fun tips you have found.

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  1. Jonny D says:

    I was wondering how to do that.

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