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How to do a Soft Reset and Hard Reset on the iPhone

We all love our iPhones.  These elegant little devices are so much more than just a cell phone.  They are full-fledged computers in a small package.  Unfortunately, like a computer they sometimes slowdown, freeze or just need a little kick in the boots to get going again.  The easiest way to accomplish this is to do what’s called a Soft Reset.  Don’t worry, none of your apps or settings will be lost.  A Soft Reset will simply clear the iPhone’s memory, reset all of the operating system software routines and allow things to start fresh.  Just like we often turn off our Macs or PCs from time to time, it’s often a good idea to do the same with our iPhones.

Soft Reset on the iPhone

To do a Soft Reset simply press and hold the Home button and at the same time press and hold the Sleep button.

iPhone Soft Reset

A red arrow with the text “slide to power off” will appear.  Slide the red arrow to complete the soft-reset.

Hard Reset — Turning the iPhone Off

You can completely power the iPhone down by doing a Hard Reset.  Press and hold the Home button and the Sleep button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.  None of your apps or settings will be lost.  This is a good way to conserve power and also to completely reset the iPhone.  This might be necessary if a buggy app crashes.

Note: if you press and hold the Home button, but press and release the Sleep button the iPhone will save a screenshot of your current view.  Click here to see a full explanation of how to take a screenshot on the iPhone.

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