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Shortcut to Phone Favorites

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Shortcut to Phone Favorites

Did you know that if you if double-click the Home button on the bottom-middle of your iPhone it will take you to the Phone Favorites page?  This is a fast way to access the phone numbers of people you call frequently.

To set the names in Phone Favorites simply bring up contact names in the Contacts app and choose “Add to Favorites” on the bottom of the Contacts page.

Add to Favorites

You have the option of changing the action of double-clicking the Home button.  Besides taking you to Phone Favorites, you can set it to take you to the iPod app or back to the first Home screen.

This last option is useful if you have several pages of apps and want a quick way to move to the first page.  To change the double-clicking action from Phone Favorites choose Settings|Genera|Home Button.

iPhone Home Options

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