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Shazam iPhone App

Have you ever heard a song on the radio or in a bar/restaurant and wanted to know the name of the song, but just couldn’t recall it?  That will happen no more with the great iPhone app called Shazam.   Simply start up the app, hold the iPhone near the radio or live band and after 10 seconds or so Shazam will use your Wifi or cell phone connection to find the song name.


Shazam will even include links to iTunes where you can purchase the song along with links to YouTube to view videos containing the song.

To use Shazam select Tag Now in the top right corner of the app home screen.  Next, hold the iPhone up to the radio and it will start analyzing the song.

Listening screen

Once it find the song, it will come up with a results page like this…

Info page

Here you can see the album, the artist, the genre and it also gives you links to buy the song on iTunes.

info page 2

If you scroll down from the page above you get more options to head to Youtube, take a photo, share the song, etc.  This is a terrific app which really takes advantage of some unique features of the iPhone and will be sure to impress your friends

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Visual Speed Dial

This application looks like it will be a winner. Assign a picture to any person in your address book and have that picture show up in the application screen like any other app. Just click on the picture and dial the number. I’m surprised this feature wasn’t built into the iPhone.

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