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iFart IPhone App

Fart apps have been dominating the iPhone app scene for some time with iFart holding the #1 position in the app store.  We did a quick search for the word “fart” and lost count after 60 apps appeared in our search results page.  We’re not crazy about these silly apps occupying so much shelf-space but we decided to ante up our 99 cents and give iFart  a whirl.  This number 1 selling paid app has a variety of fun features.

Home page

You’ll notice three main choices on the iFart home screen: Fart Now, Sneak Attack and Security Fart.

Fart Now is exactly what the name implies. Choose a fart sound from the wheel and press the Fart Now button to enjoy a variety of fart sounds. Sneak Attack allows you to set a timer to play a fart in the future. You use this feature if you want to hide your iPhone and have a fart go off when you are not around. This is the best way to play a practical joke. Security Fart will sound a fart when the iPhone is moved.

Fart Now

From the initial Home screen push the large Fart Now button and you will hear your selected fart. To scroll down to different farts put your finger on the gray bar and slide your finger up.

Sneak Attack

If you click sneak attack the following options will come up to allow you to determine how long until you want your fart to play.

iPhone Sneak attack settings

Before you press Sneak Attack be sure to choose your fart because you can’t choose it after you select the time option.

Security Fart

Security fart is a great way to get back at your friend for bugging you. Just hit Security Fart and set down your iPhone and when your friend picks it up it farts.

Security ifart

Of course this is a simple, repulsive, adolescent-oriented app. And yes we have been having a great time with it!

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