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emailing a URL on the iPhone

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emailing a URL on the iPhone

Unfortunately, the iPhone still does not have a basic cut-and-paste feature which makes many basic tasks we take for granted on our Macs and PCs much more difficult than need be.  Have you ever found a great website and wanted to email the web address to a friend?  Well you can’t simply copy the address and then paste it into an email, but there is another way.  Another simple way to do just this.

How to mail link on the iPhone

In Safari you’ll notice a plus sign in bottom bar of your browser. Press this button and a menu will pop up.

email URL on iPhone

The menu allows you to to add the web page to your bookmarks, add an icon for the webpage on your Home Screen or to Mail a Link to this Page.   Pressing the Mail Link to this Page will fire up the email app with the URL filled in the body of the email and the subject line will contain the title of the webpage.

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