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Newsstand App for iPhone

Newsstand by OMZ Software is hands-down the best RSS reader we have tried for the iPhone.   The cost of the app is $4.99 which we consider a bargain for this feature-rich and slick app.

Newsstand comes pre-configured with a few RSS feeds from sites such as the NY Times, Wired, Rolling Stone, the BBS, Google, Dilbert, Engadget and Lifehacker.  Of course, you can remove any of these feeds and add your own.

The app gives you two ways to view your feeds.   A traditional text-oriented view and a landscape view that is a little slicker and graphically oriented.

newsstand portrait select feeds

newsstand landscape select feeds

To toggle between the two views simply rotate your iPhone.   Here are the article views in both portrait and landscape modes.

newsstand story view

newsstand app for iphone

While the landscape mode only uses half the screen for the article, it does have the benefit of allowing you to navigate articles without having to move away from the page.

If you select to read the full article — assuming that the feed only shows an article summary — Newssreader includes a mini-browser so you can stay in the app.  You are given the option to jump to Safari.   Newssreader’s mini-browser does not appear to allow you to rotate the page to landscape mode, a feature we would like to see in the future.

When viewing an article you have the option to email the URL to a friend or to post it to del.icio.us.

To add/import your own feeds choose the “Edit” option on the top-left of the home screen, and then the press the “+” at the top-right of the edit screen.   Newssreader gives you several options here.  You can search for feeds in Bloglines, enter the URL of a feed or import feeds from a Bloglines account or from an OPML file (OPML is a popular format used by many readers to import/expert feeds).  Newssreader will also allow you to export feeds to an OPML file.

The application worked flawlessly for us except for one small issue.  When entering a URL of a feed, you have the option of either entering the exact URL to the RSS or Atom feed or to enter the URL of a webpage which contains a valid feed.  We tried entering only the URL of a few webpages and Newssreader was not able to locate valid feeds contained on these pages.  We’re not sure if this was a problem of Newssreader or an issue on the webpages themselves.

We strongly recommend this app!

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